2018 Info Packet

We want your experience with Kids‘ Market to be a success, therefore we have provided information on this page and the 2018 Info Packet to guide your process.  Please email questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

working with barcodes


1. Visit your Seller Homepage, ID and password to login. 

2. Choose "Order Barcode Labels".

*****you may NOT alter a barcode manually...you cannot scratch out a price or code...the scanner codes what is originally entered*****

3. Enter the price and how many labels at that price.  Tip: 6 barcodes print per page; print one page of every price you want to use, then have copies made. This allows you to always have a master copy. 

4.  Allow Discount?  Click yes if item is to be sold half price during the Red Dot sale.  If you are planning on donating, please click yes!  If not, write ND for no discount. 

5.  Print labels on CARD STOCK, no copy paper please. Once printed, manually write in item description and size, written directly across from the seller number(see example).

6. Cut labels on dotted-lines and attach to items with safety pin-NO TAG GUNS.

7.  If you do not have the appropriate priced barcode to put on an item, please DO NOT just grab what you have and use anyway.  A Cat & Jack top that was originally $6 should not be priced $10...it will not sell, nor will it take up rack space...because it will be pulled!  Use an index card for one or two items or print more barcodes.  



We receive a lot of questions about what specific clothes we accept for the Spring sale.  If your child will wear it from April to September then we accept it.  Heavy winter fabrics and outerwear should wait for the fall sale.  Ski clothes are accepted for Spring Break ski trips.  The items we will kindly return to you are those with stains, holes, and excessive wear.  

No thermal, flannel, fleece, corduroy or wool items accepted for the Spring sale.

- NB, 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16.
-Juniors sizes:  J00, J0, J1, J3, J5, J7  & JXS, JS, JM, JL

-Pin card to TOP RIGHT corner of garment when it is facing you. NO STRAIGHT PINS!

-Attaching with tag guns is NOT allowed.

-Hang clothes on appropriate-sized hangers facing LEFT like a “?” mark.

-Hang all garments so the complete set can be seen without unfolding and secure together with a safety pin.  Swimwear must be hung on a hanger. 

-Mis-matched brands do not sell.  

-Pin pants AT WAIST to hanger on angled part, not the horizontal part. The garment should not slide!  DO NOT fold over hanger. 

-Description:  Include brand, color and what the item is (Ex.  Matilda Jane grey ruffles pants, Under Armour red/black football cleats, Pottery Barn pink gingham twin sheet set, or Harry Potter complete book set).

-Price items ONLY in $.50 units ($5.00, $5.50, etc.)

-Price to sell!  Even the newest items should not be priced more than ½ the original retail price. To determine an appropriate price, start at ½  price and work your way down according to age and wear. 1/3 of retail price is a good target range.

-Clothes from Wamart, Kolh’s, Target accepted only if in good condition. No stains, holes or tears.  Do not price basics more than half the original price.  A Faded Glory shirt that is $3.88 new should not be priced $3.00.  We reserve the right to pull items that are priced at a point we know will not sell.  These items only crowd the racks. 

-Onesies and knit pants that come in a set may not be sold separately.  

-RED DOT: Make more money on your items by participating in the Red Dot 1/2 price sale!  We especially encourage you to red dot your items if you are planning to donate.
If you want your items to be sold at the ½ price sale, draw a RED DOT about the size of a pencil eraser above the price in the bottom right corner OR check YES on barcodes. If you do NOT want it sold for ½ price, write “ND” (no discount) above the price OR check NO on barcodes.

JUNIOR'S CLOTHING--only the items listed below will be accepted.  Items not on the list that are left at Kids' Market will be pulled and donated.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Altered State, American Eagle, Champion, Charlotte Rousse, Columbia, Forever 21, Free People, Gap, Hurley, Levi's, Life is Good, Lucky Brand, lululemon, MissMe, Nike, Old Navy, Patagonia, PINK, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Roxy, Rue21, The North Face, True Religion, Under Armour, Urban Outfitters, Vineyard Vines  

Brands sold at Eagle Eye Outfitters and Kinnucan's are acceptable.


Make your items look their best! Zip zippers, snap snaps, button buttons, replace missing buttons, mend hems and tie all sashes and bows.

Freshly launder clothes and treat stains. A quick iron works wonders!

Coats and jackets should be freshly laundered and have all zippers and snaps functional.  Unclean items will be pulled and donated.

Equipment: wash fabric parts and re-attach; wipe all surfaces. Toothbrushes are great for small parts. Magic Erasers and Goo Gone remove crayon marks, stickers and scuffs.

If your item needs a battery make sure to include.



1) Shoes must be clean.  Tie together shoelaces, use zip ties, or buckle straps of shoes instead of placing in a bag.  Use a large safety pin to secure card.  

2) Large items (bicycles, car seats, swings, furniture, etc.) need masking tape with Seller ID # and price. This is in addition to the item's card.

3) Place loose pieces/parts in a Ziploc bag and SECURELY fasten the bag
(clear packing tape, rubber band, safety pin, etc.) to main item.

4) Books, games and movies--make sure all pieces are included and that movies work!  Check that batteries are fresh and not corroded.

5) ALL clothing must be on hangers.

6) Car Seats: Note expiration date on your card and check for recalls at 1-800-424-9393. 

7) Toys and sports equipment must be clean and not recalled. Include all pieces.

8) Pack 'n Plays, beds and cribs must be set up by the seller at Merchandise Drop-Off.

As a seller, it is your responsibility to check that none of your items have been recalled. Please visit saferproducts.gov for more information.



Maternity clothes.

Items that smell of smoke or are musty will not be accepted.

Baby cribs/beds with adjustable rails (It is illegal to re-sell these in the US)

Bumbo seats without tray OR seatbelt (seat must have 1 or the other)

Onesies (Onesies sold in multi-packs intended as undergarments are not accepted. However, onesies sold as part of an outfit are accepted)

Ladies clothes

Incomplete pajama sets

Hospital or used receiving blankets, worn or picked flannel blankets, dated themed bedding or faded bedding

*Tshirts- VBS, political campaign, field day

*Acceptable T shirts:  Alabama/Auburn, Life is Good, Southern Marsh, Tusk Wear, Guy Harvey, Vineyard Vines, Girlie Girl Original & similar brands.



Socks or undergarments

Bottles, pacifiers, teething toys 

Burp cloths or bibs

*These items may only be sold if new. 




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