-Sellers receive 65% of the listed price, less a $10 seller's fee.

-You must register online for a paycheck to be printed.

-Check-in time varies depending on the number of items you consign. The process includes signing in, receiving your passes and placing your items on the sales floor.  You must have your items tagged properly and sorted by size and gender.

-Improper cards will not be accepted.

-No CHILDREN or STROLLERS allowed during Pre-Sales.

-Junior clothing must be from the list provided on the Seller page/Info Packet unless otherwise approved. Anything left at Kids' Market that does not meet the requirements for acceptable Junior's clothing will be pulled and donated to charity.  Junior's clothing will NOT be broken down for pick up, it will remain on the racks in size order. 

-Soiled, stained, dated, missing parts or otherwise undesirable items are not accepted.  We reserve the right to pull items that do not meet Kids' Market standards at any time during the sale.  The items pulled will go to charity.

-We do not accept USED burp cloths, bibs, bottles, pacifiers, undergarments or socks. We are selective on the blankets we accept.  No hospital blankets or used receiving blankets.

-Checks are mailed to the address you provide if you do not come to Pick Up and Pay Day. Only you can pick up your check and/or items unless a letter of release is provided.

-You must consign 10 acceptable items to be considered a Seller.  Sellers receive ONE pass to the Seller Pre-sale and the Seller Red Dot Pre-Sale.

-Sellers receive 2 passes to the "Friends and Family" Pre-Sale and the "Friends and Family" Red Dot Pre-Sale, to give to whomever they choose. Sale passes are distributed at Merchandise Drop Off.

-Kids' Market does everything possible to protect your interests; but we are not responsible for fire, theft, damaged or lost items.

-Pick-up and Pay is March 19, 4-7pm and March 20, 11:00am-1:00pm.  Any items not picked up during this time become property of Kids' Market. We donate to several local charities.

-Clothing is sorted in numerical order.  Junior(girl and boy) clothing will not be sorted. Unsold toys, books, movies, puzzles, games, bedding and room decor remain in their respective sections for pick up. Shoes remain in their size category hanging on the wall.

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