Tips For a Successful Drop Off


1.  Pre-register!  

2.  Correct card format.

3.  Have clothes in order by size and gender.  

4.  Hang clothes on appropriate sized hangers facing left and make them look attractive!

5. Junior clothing:  we are very selective of the Junior/teen items we will select. 

6. Allow adequate time to place your items on the floor.  If you are sending someone to drop off for you, please educate them on the procedure.

7.  MATERNITY clothes are no longer accepted.

8.  Equipment, toys and furniture should have a piece of masking tape with ID number and price in addition to the barcode/card should the card get misplaced.  Please include working batteries with items that require them.  

9.  Shoes must be hung on the wall under the correct size. 

10.  Do not leave without your passes!  




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